Keep it simple


Have you implemented your digital transformation in the IIoT environment? Are your machines and plants interlinked with each other? – Yes? That’s great! But there are bound to be people in your warehouse or in production who are still working manually. Are all processes truly networked and transparent? No? This is where we come in, offering an innovative solution so you can interconnect the processes people are actively involved in. Based on the principle of “Keep it simple”, KIS.ME by RAFI creates an environment that immediately makes isolated processes more transparent – with no need for programming or external consultants. You optimise downstream processes to increase productivity and efficiency yourself, saving a lot of time and money.

And why do we call it KIS.ME?

The name was created early on in the product development phase. It was chosen because “Keep it simple” is the guiding principle that drove us forward again and again during the project. And we continue to be driven to further develop the solution while keeping the guiding principle in focus.

What initiated the development of the product?

We saw that although there are IoT solutions and digital transformation approaches to production everywhere, we are mainly talking about machines and plants in this context.

It may be hard for some to believe, but some production companies still have many people there whose work has been affected very little by the digital transformation.

As RAFI has long been active in the area of the human-machine interface, we created a relevant solution. However, this solution is also so simple that anyone can implement it themselves without a great deal of effort.

And what is KIS.ME suitable for?

In principle, the number of possible applications is unimaginably large. As RAFI’s area of greatest expertise is in the industrial environment, we want to focus on production and logistics applications at the beginning. However, we don’t want set any limits on what you do, so give your creativity free rein.

Manual workstations

Since RAFI has been developing products and solutions for the human-machine interface for decades, it’s no surprise that we are seeing very high demand for digital transformation solutions that are geared toward manual processes in production. 


Logistics processes are also part of every production operation, because the material has to get to the production site somehow, and the finished product also has to get back to the shipping department or warehouse. That means that it is easy for KIS.ME to digitally transform not only production processes but also the intralogistics processes connected to them.


Not all machines and plants have extensive evaluation options and cloud connections. Many of these machines have been working reliably for many years and will not need to be replaced for a long time into the future. This is where KIS.ME comes into play, digitally transforming these plants in the simplest way possible. Digital transformation for retrofitting – for more transparency and efficiency.

Simply digitize and optimize with KIS.ME, wherever people work - even at remote production sites or manual workstations.