For what it is good


KIS.ME is as versatile as it is simple. There are countless applications in which the system creates rapid transparency and optimizes the value chain. At RAFI, we have very different production and logistics processes – and here, too, KIS.ME has long paid off.

Manual work places

Since RAFI has been developing products and solutions for the human-machine interface for decades, it is obvious that we are seeing a very high demand for digitization solutions that are geared towards manual processes in production.


Logistics processes are also linked to every production facility, because somehow the material has to get to the production site and the finished products have to get back to the shipping department or warehouse. KIS.ME can therefore not only easily digitize production processes, but also the intralogistics processes connected to them.


Not all machines and systems already have extensive evaluation options or even a cloud connection out of the box. Very many machines have been working reliably for many years and do not need to be replaced for a long time. This is where KIS.ME comes into play and digitizes these plants in the simplest way possible. Digitalization for retrofitting – for more transparency and efficiency.