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The KIS.ME consulting workshop offers you the opportunity to compare your individual problems with our product options. Even if you are not yet fully familiar with KIS.ME, you will gain practical insights. In open discussions, you will discuss your requirements and develop clear ideas. Benefit from our experts and find out how you can seamlessly integrate KIS.ME into your processes. We offer you solution-oriented tips for optimal application. Regardless of whether you are just starting out or already have concrete ideas for implementation, our workshop will show you how to exploit the full potential of KIS.ME.

Our project service is your reliable partner for setting up a specific use case successfully and efficiently. We configure the HIS.MANAGER according to your requirements and set up key figures, interfaces and much more. With our technical expertise and comprehensive support, we ensure that your individual project can be optimally set up and put into operation. Put your trust in our experience and let us work together to make your project a success.


With our continuous support, you have the opportunity to adapt your use cases to new challenges and implement new ideas quickly. Changes in your environment require adjustments to your processes – our support reacts flexibly so that you are always up to date. We don’t just implement ideas, we unleash the full potential of KIS.ME so that your business progress is always the focus.

Our product training is designed to familiarize you comprehensively with KIS.MANAGER and to enable you to implement all requirements independently. All product features are covered in this training, accompanied by practice-oriented exercises to ensure that you can use the full potential of KIS.MANAGER. As a prerequisite for this training, you will need the KIS.ME Starter Kit, which will prepare you optimally for the training.

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