KIS.ME Overview


The digitalisation of production and logistics processes has never been as easy as with KIS.ME. Keep it simple. Manage everything. This guiding principle was always present from the first idea to the finished product and is reflected in the entire KIS.ME system. Why we developed KIS.ME and which platform and hardware is behind it, you will learn in the following sections.

KIS.ME - Einfach digitalisieren und optimieren, überall dort, wo Menschen arbeiten – auch an entlegenen Produktionsorten oder Handarbeitsplätzen.
The Story Behind

We take you on a journey through the genesis of KIS.ME. Why we developed KIS.ME, what distinguishes KIS.ME from other systems and where we have already successfully introduced KIS.ME, you can find out here.

KIS.ME Manager

Learn more about the heart of KIS.ME, the KIS.MANAGER. Use the cloud-based platform to manage all KIS.ME devices, create digital shop floor plans, manage user roles and much more.

KIS.ME Devices

Whether human-machine interface, optical signalling or retrofit for existing machines and systems, the KIS.ME devices meet the most diverse requirements and adapt to your needs.


With our demo version for the KIS.MANAGER you can get a first overview of the functions