License models

The right package for everyone

Keep it simple. Manage everything! This promise is not only our guiding principle of KIS.ME, but also stands for the simple structure of its license model. Because our goal is for you to be successful with KIS.ME and to recognize and feel the economic benefits.

The KIS.ME prices / license costs - simply digitize and optimize wherever people work - even at remote production sites or manual workstations.

Two licenses are required to use KIS.ME to its full extent on a permanent basis:

The KIS.MANAGER LICENSE: It is charged for the use of the cloud platform. There are three different licenses (S, M and L) to choose from here, depending on the desired range of services.

The DEVICE LICENSE: It is independent of the selected KIS.MANAGER license and is due for each integrated device.

With a workspace, you can logically organize and manage your use cases. In addition, you keep track of your devices, dashboards and key figures. One workspace is available per KIS.MANAGER license. If more workspaces are required, an additional license (S, M or L) must be selected for each additional workspace.

In this respect, the number of users and their authorisations as well as the number of integrated devices is unlimited. Upgrading the license, as well as increasing the number of workspaces, is possible at any time. If the number of workspaces is to be reduced or a change is to be made to a lower license level, this can be done by giving notice in good time at the turn of the year. Likewise, licenses can always be terminated at the end of the year. In the licenses “M” and “L” the extended rule engine is available, with which you can use additional functions in the rule creation.

More details about all functions and features can be found here:

The KIS.API LICENCE: To be able to use the advantages of the KIS.API, you need a licence. This is required if you want to access the data in KIS.MANAGER with third-party systems. The licence gives you access to all endpoints and functions of the API and thus ensures unrestricted use.

Get started!

The KIS.ME Starter Kit - simply digitize and optimize wherever people work - even at remote production sites or manual workplaces.

With the starter kit for a one-time fee of 499 euros, you can try out KIS.ME without any obligation. The starter kit includes not only the KIS.MANAGER license “L” for 6 months*, but also a KIS.BOX, a KIS.LIGHT and their device licenses. The box also contains all the necessary cables and a power bank for an immediate and uncomplicated start with KIS.ME. Of course, you can reorder additional devices at any time and expand your use cases on a scaled basis.

Devices and accessories

one time – order number

499 Euro –

199 Euro –

189 Euro –

KIS.ME cable USB to M12, 40 cm
20 Euro – 5.03.773.794/0001

KIS.ME cable USB to M12, 150 cm
35 Euro – 5.03.773.632/0001

KIS.ME T-connector

15 Euro –


monthly – order number

29 Euro –

149 Euro –

299 Euro –

5 Euro –


499 Euro –

*no automatic renewal
All indicated prices are net prices in Euro plus. the legal VAT and valid from 01.10.2021
The KIS.ME General Terms and Conditions apply: as well as the KIS.ME Software Service Framework Agreement incl. attachments