Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions


In this FAQ, we have summarised and clearly presented the answers to the most frequently asked questions about KIS.ME, KIS.MANAGER and KIS.LIGHT, KIS.BOX and KIS.IO. Click the relevant question and the answer will appear under it.

Connection and installation

What cables are needed to connect to the devices?

All devices have an 8-pin M12 standard connection. You can find suitable cables at various suppliers and in online shops. To configure the devices, you only need a USB adapter cable, which you receive with the KIS.ME starter kit.

How can the devices be installed/secured?

Details on installation can be found in the data sheet of the respective device.

How can digital outputs and inputs be wired?

The outputs and inputs are 24V-tolerant. Please note: The outputs may only be charged with limited current. The technical specifications can be found on the data sheet of the respective device.

What power supply is required?

The devices can be supplied with 24V or 5V. However, the digital inputs and outputs are not available with a 5V supply. You can find the technical specifications on the data sheet.


What approval do the devices have and where can they be operated?

The devices comply with the CE approval process and the European wireless standard (ETSI) and may therefore only be operated in Europe.

Can devices from other providers be integrated?

Yes, it is possible to integrate the devices of other providers. However, you can only do this indirectly by using the inputs and outputs of the KIS.DEVICES. In this way the signals from other devices or plants can be detected and processed.

What infrastructure is necessary?

A WLAN network is required. It is preferable to integrate the devices into an existing guest WLAN network. In addition, a power supply of either 24V or 5V (such as a smartphone power supply device) is required.

What is the latency and response time?

An efficient MQTT protocol is used to enable the shortest possible runtimes. However, the runtime depends on the integral system (KIS.DEVICE -> Access point -> Router-> KIS.Manager -> and back). This means that no precise latency time can be specified. Experience has shown that the latency time is usually less than one second.

Is local operation (without the cloud) possible?

It is currently impossible to have purely local operation without a cloud connection. However, it is conceivable in principle. The architecture is designed for an on-premises solution. This possibility must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Is a connection to ERP or MES systems possible?

Currently, no direct connection to third-party systems is possible. We are working on a solution so that local systems can also be connected.

Which WLAN encryption is supported?

All devices support the WPA2-PSK (CCMP) encryption procedure. All that is required is the SSID and password of the WLAN network.

How can the devices be integrated into an existing infrastructure?

A 2.4 GHz WLAN network is required. The WPA2-PSK (CCMP) method is supported. To separate the devices from the company network, it is recommended that you integrate the devices into a guest WLAN network. A file with the WLAN login data can be created at under the “Onboarding” menu item. This file can be copied to the devices via USB. The devices can establish a connection to their own WLAN network in this way.


How can I calculate key performance indicators?

KPIs can be defined for each device and asset using calculation formulas. You can also define the cycle in which the calculation is to take place. The KPIs are displayed or visualised on the dashboard (of the asset or of the asset group). This is done using so-called widgets, which feature a variety of possibilities.

Which browsers are supported?

The following browsers are recommended: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge

How can e-mails be sent?

E-mail templates can be set up in the menu item “Portal Admin – Notification Templates”. However, this function is only available to admin users. These e-mail templates can then be used as actions in the Rule Engine.

Is an SMS notification possible?

At present only e-mail notification is possible. We are working on a solution that would also permit a messaging service to be used.

How can I upload a shopfloor plan?

Any type of SVG graphics can be used on the dashboard. This means that a graphic file must first be converted into an SVG graphic. Various free online tools are available for this purpose. The SVG graphic can be uploaded in the dashboard settings.

How can rules to control the devices be created?

In each asset group or in each workspace, “if-then” rules can be created in the menu item “Rule Engine”. All assets that are in this asset group can be used. Conditions can also be used for targeted control and monitoring of the rules.

Registration and onboarding

How do I get my WLAN login data onto a device?

A file with the WLAN login data can be created at under the menu item “Device Onboarding”. This file can be copied to the devices via USB. The devices can establish a connection to their own WLAN network in this way. The matching USB cable is available with the starter kit.

How can I log in?

You can register as a new customer at This provides you with access to the KIS.MANAGER ( You can also log in from by pressing the login button at the top of the menu bar. All other users can be created directly in the KIS.MANAGER.


When and how are updates made available?

If updates are required for the devices, they will be provided by RAFI. The update process runs completely autonomously and “over-the-air”. Depending on the licence level, you can set the time at which the update is carried as required. Updates from KIS.MANAGER are carried out automatically in the background. The admin user is also informed by e-mail about the provision of new updates.

User administration, rights and roles

Why are devices and assets not visible to all users?

Devices and assets can be assigned to different asset groups and workspaces. Each user can be assigned different rights and roles. On this basis, the visibility of the devices and assets is controlled.

How can new users be created?

New users can be created directly in the KIS.MANAGER under the menu item “User Management”. However, this feature is only available to the admin. New users can be given various rights and roles.

Contracts and licences

What personal information is stored, and how do you comply with data privacy law?

We store your registration data only in accordance with the applicable data privacy regulations and the GDPR.

What licences are available, and how do they differ from each other?

The trial licence is free of charge and enables 90 days of use. When you purchase a starter kit, the KIS.MANAGER licence L is available for 6 months. A paid licence is required for permanent use. Details can be found at

How long is the contract period?

The contract period is always until the end of the year with a 3-month notice period. If no notice of termination is given, the contract is extended by 12 months. If the contract starts in the second half of the year, the term is extended until the end of the following year.