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Simply digitize and optimize with KIS.ME , wherever people work. We started with this goal and are proud to be able to show some corresponding success stories. In no time at all, KIS.ME can also make your company more transparent, for example by networking manual processes. Connect, set up and get started.

Quality assurance with KIS.ME

ifm electronic gmbH

With KIS.ME, ifm electronic GmbH in Tettnang can now react immediately to production errors in its sensor manufacturing. By centrally recording test results and key performance indicators, the available resources can be used in a targeted way. To find out exactly how KIS.ME is used in quality assurance, read the following success story.

Elesta Member of the Pilz Group
Digitization of manual workstations


Thanks to KIS.ME, Swiss company “Elesta GmbH” was able to significantly advance the digital transformation of manual workstations and of key performance indicators, thus saving valuable time each day. In this success story, we take a closer look at how this works, which KIS.ME devices they used to do it and what challenges lie ahead.

Digital machine maintenance with KIS.ME


By working with KIS.ME, the Polish company E-Towers FAMABA S.A. has succeeded in digitizing its maintenance processes, paving the way towards Industry 4.0. The implementation of HIS.ME resulted in a smooth flow of information that significantly shortened maintenance times as well as the creation of reports and the analysis of key figures. This increase in efficiency strengthens the competitiveness of E-Towers FAMABA S.A. on the international market and lays the foundation for future-proof and cost-efficient machine maintenance.

RAFI Hungary
Production optimization with KIS.ME

RAFI Hungaria

KIS.ME enabled RAFI Hungaria to create more transparency in key performance indicators. Existing manufacturing processes should be presented transparently in order to optimize the processes on the basis of them. In the following success story, you can learn more about how KIS.ME was implemented at RAFI Hungaria and the successes they achieved.

More success stories are about to be published

New applications every day

The KIS.ME user network is constantly growing. We are particularly proud of the applications that we are allowed to show here as an example. Understandably, not all customers are willing to provide such deep insights into the production and logistics processes. But rest assured: We are already working on new success stories and will publish them here shortly.