Are you already convinced of the benefits of KIS.ME, and do you also see the sales potential? We offer a partnership opportunity to you: Become a KIS.ME partner!

In the relatively short time that KIS.ME has been on the market, we have already been able to convince several partners of the unique features and quality of the product. We would like to show you which companies have added KIS.ME to their own portfolio of products and services.

We don’t want to deprive you of the benefits of a partnership, of course. The link on the button will take you to the benefits from the joint partnership.

KIS.ME and Beewatec

A4 GmbH


Company description

We support you in adapting and optimising your business processes to Industry 4.0. We provide comprehensive customer service while supporting companies in optimising their processes and installing our systems.
With our product range of innovative communication and control units, we offer solutions for all relevant areas such as..: Logistics applications, condition monitoring, as well as workplace & automation solutions to increase your success.


A4 GmbH is a strong partner when it comes to these key terms:


Beewatec AG

Beewatec Logo

Company description

BeeWaTec is a leading Baden-Württemberg-based product and systems provider for work, logistics and manufacturing solutions relating to all aspects of lean manufacturing. In accordance with the tagline “Keep it short and simple”, BeeWaTec works every day to improve processes for their customers and make them as easy as possible.

The product portfolio of the BeeWaTec Group is a modular toolkit. From individual pipe connectors to autonomous mobile robots for an automated flow of goods, BeeWaTec is the right process partner and supplier.


BeeWaTec AG is a strong partner when it comes to these key terms:

Competence from the Innviertel GmbH


Company description is an independent engineering company whose mission is to design future-oriented solutions for efficient production processes,
to develop required components and realise them with customers and partners in the industry.
The two focal points of are modern factory planning and process simulation. In all areas of activity, the topics of resource efficiency, energy efficiency, automation and digitalisation play a central role.


BM.ENGINEERING is a strong partner when it comes to these key terms:

Competence from Poland


Logo Controlintech

Company description

CONTROLINTECH is a company that works efficiently at the border between industry and science. We offer a wide range of customer services, which are always structured according to the same scheme: MEASURE -> DEVELOP -> APPLY.

CONTROLINTECH’s focus is on automation and control and computer technology aimed at optimising the underlying process performance. We offer our customers comprehensive advice on the development of new manufacturing systems and/or the performance enhancement of existing systems. We also provide services related to the development of modern IIoT training centres and laboratories for both industry and academia.


CONTROLINTECH is a strong partner when it comes to these key terms:

Competence from Krško, Slovenia



Company description

Your Partner for Lean Production & Digital Transformation. Boost Efficiency with Custom Ergonomic Workstations, Streamlined Processes, and Expert Consulting for Effective Projects. Our services consist out of 3 pillars:

Production Equipment and Workstations: Tailored Production / warehouse / laboratory Equipment, Ergonomic & height adjustable Workstations for Enhanced Productivity, Eliminate Production Losses & Drive Lean Projects.

Process Optimization and Digitalization: Process Digitalization and business digital transformation, Integration of high level software solutions, Optimization Services to Boost Efficiency & Minimize Waste.

Consulting and Education: Lean Projects for Sustainable Growth, Process Improvement Projects, Education Services to Empower Your Team in Lean Production.


DerivaTech is a strong partner for these keywords

Competence from Hagen


Markus Krüger Management Consulting


Company description

KruCon stands for customer-oriented process efficiency and systematic yield increase in industrial operations. As a lean management consultancy, we offer our medium-sized customers customized solutions in the areas of store floor management, production controlling and value stream management, among others. The focus is always on holistic production optimization from customer to customer.


KruCon is a strong partner for these keywords

Competence from Achim


Logo_muetron2019_4c Kopie

Company description

MÜTRON primarily ensures that many machines in Germany run continuously. As a distributor, we supply electromechanical components. We also manufacture cable systems and assemble modules and devices.

We have established ourselves in the market through many years of expertise, a focus on market-leading suppliers and a concentrated brand range as well as quality and service competence.

Our team works with dedication, commitment, heart and mind on the future of our customers. MÜTRON offers added value by actively thinking along with our customers and solving problems – with a high degree of competence and humanity.


For these keywords, MÜTRON Müller GmbH & Co. KG is a strong partner

Competence from Switzerland

Sibalco ag

Sibalco Logo

Company description

For over 60 years, we have been a supplier to the electronics and machinery industry and a solution provider with our own development and production for sensor applications, LED lighting and signal displays.

We advise, develop and implement intelligent sensor and IIoT solutions according to the needs of our customers and the demanding market requirements. Our goal and aspiration is to work in partnership with our customers and support them in developing the right solution from the idea to the market launch.


Sibalco is a strong partner for these keywords


Partner programme

You can actively promote our product to your business contacts and participate in direct sales. KIS.ME gives you a simple tool to make your customers’ processes measurable. Install and configure various manual processes easily and individually as a service provider. With the direct support we provide to you, you will always be the first to know about KIS.ME innovations, feature updates, tips and tricks and a wide variety of sample applications. We support you in a manner that is personal and based on partnership – in other words, we tailor our support to your needs!

Become a KIS.ME partner now
KIS.ME and the training of new sales partners


Become a KIS.ME expert to ensure that the advice you provide to your customers is competent and correct. Enrol your KIS.ME sales representatives in the high-quality KIS.ME training courses. These are targeted and build on each other in small efficient training groups.

  • Basic Training – for getting to know the products
  • Advanced Training – for advanced sales personnel
  • Intensive Training – for those who want to know

everything there is to know about the products Additional tailored training courses and workshops are possible.



KIS.ME starter kits are available for use for consultations at the customers’ premises. Your KIS.ME sales specialists receive the starter kits and the KIS.ME L license with all KIS.ME functionalities.

The KIS.ME Starter Kit - simply digitize and optimize wherever people work - even at remote production sites or manual workplaces.


We present you on our professional website. You appear as a partner here and can present the full breadth of your corporate expertise in detail. We coordinate with you in the presentation of your KIS.ME references.

Join us – we will provide you with our partner logo for you to use so that you can participate in our brand. For your own external presentation, we provide information on the appropriate presentation of KIS.ME with our own advertising style guide.