Step by step to success


We have created a large collection of different tutorial videos for you to make getting started with KIS.ME as easy as possible. The product manager Niko explains step by step the individual possibilities and goes in particular into the functions of the KIS.MANAGER.

If you want to follow the functions and individual steps, you need a KIS.ME Starter Kit, a user account (Admin) and a computer with USB interface.

Hereyou can quickly get a starter kit and hereyou can get to the registration. Onboardingof additional KIS.ME devices is possible via this link.

Have fun!


The two introductory videos show the contents of the KIS.ME starter kit and the procedure for onboarding the devices. This process is necessary once to assign the WLAN access data and the associated KIS.ME account to the KIS.ME devices.

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Unboxing

Unboxing the starter kit

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Onboarding

How to add KIS.ME devices to KIS.MANAGER.

Rule Engine

The Rule Engine is the heart of the KIS.MANAGER. This is where the rules that control the processes are created.

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Rule Engine

The heart of KIS.MANAGER, the Rule Engine

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Rule Engine Extended

In the KIS.MANAGER license “M” and “L” there is also an extended Rule Engine function

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: E-Mail Notification

Set up e-mail notifications in the case of an event

Dashboard & Widgets

Especially the freely configurable dashboards and the widgets that can be placed on them make KIS.ME transparent. Digital twins show the respective live conditions on a shopfloor.

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Digital Twin

The digital twin of the KIS.ME devices

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Floorplan

Place 2D graphics under the digital twins.

User Management

We have not limited the number of users. Here we show how user management works, what roles and permissions are available and how new users can be created.

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: User Management

General information on user management

Set up e-mail notifications in the case of an event

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Eigenen Account bearbeiten

Manage your own user account

Key performance indicators

The KPI videos go into detail. With a focus on setup and configuration, Niko explains here step-by-step how to get interesting metrics onto your KIS.ME dashboard. For more transparency and optimization potential in logistics and production processes.

It is highly recommended if you watch the KPI videos in the right order one after another. Because the videos build on each other.

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: KPIs and Data Points Introduction

KPI 1 – Introduction to KPIs and data points

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: From Data Point to KPI

KPI 2 – The path from data point to KPI

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Calculation Mask: Calculated Data Point

KPI 3 – How a data point is calculated

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Calculation Mask: Create KPI Calculation

KPI 4 – Creation of a data point calculation

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Visualization with Widgets

KPI 5 – The visualization with widgets

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Pracitical Tips

KPI 6 – User tips

KIS.ME Video Tutorial: Flex Symbolic Language

Introduction to the FLEX Symbol Language