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General terms and conditions

Transparency is a top priority for us. Therefore, the general terms of business as well as terms of use are listed here. In addition, the general terms and conditions of the RAFI Group also apply.

KIS.ME terms and conditions

For the use of KIS.ME there are General Terms and Conditions. You agreed to these when you registered and ordered KIS.ME. However, we still want to show you these transparently and offer them here for download.

Part of the KIS.ME GTCs are also

  • Appendix 1 Service overview
  • Annex 2 Terms of use

Privacy policy

Since there are several websites and services related to KIS.ME, we have also developed three different privacy policies. These can be viewed with one click.

General Regulations, Legal Information and Guidelines of the RAFI Group

It is important for us that no legal questions remain unanswered. Therefore, we have consolidated all legal information, general export regulations and terms and conditions, the Code of Conduct, notices regarding “Conflict Minderals”, information on the processing of personal data, purchasing guidelines, and software licensing conditions in one place. Click on the following button to go to the RAFI Group website.