KIS.ME Device Firmware Updates

This document lists the operating system updates chronologically. An operating system update performs an update of all other software parts if necessary. The operating system updates are valid for both the KIS.BOX, KIS.IO and the KIS.LIGHT devices.

Version 1.8.0


Added support for new device type KIS.IO

Bugfixes for cloud update

Updated to OpenWrt 19.07.10

Version 1.7.0


Automatic renewal of the device certificate
Updated Azure IoT SDK to version LTS_01_2022_Ref01
Updated OpenWrt to version 19.07.8 (plus Linux kernel 4.14.264 and OpenSSL 1.1.1m)

Version r16


Improved logging
Setting Wifi country code during onboarding process
Check validity of device certificate only after NTP time sync was successful
Prevent command injection attacks
Security-related compiler and linker options added
Fail-Safe Update process implemented

Version r15


Onboarding process optimized. Re-registration of the devices will be supported now

Version r13


The status LED now flashes during the firmware update process so that this can be seen more clearly

Updating Azure IoT SDK to latest version

Version r12


Internal release only

Version r11


Adjustment of the status LED (brightness and color) for better recognition

Version r10


Initial release for series production