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Thanks to KIS.ME, Swiss company “Elesta GmbH” was able to significantly advance the digital transformation of manual workstations and of key performance indicators, thus saving valuable time each day. In this success story, we look at how this works, which KIS.ME devices are necessary for this and what challenges lie ahead.

KIS.ME makes it possible for the employees themselves to implement automatic control, depending on how many pieces are needed.
This increases the precision and effectiveness of production – a classic win-win situation.
Head of Relay Production & Planning at ELESTA GmbH
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Company description

ELESTA develops and produces positively driven safety relays and electromechanical components in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. ELESTA offers tailored, fast, precise and personal service in order to support its customers in making products sustainable and reliable.

The primary fields of ELESTA are:

  • Relays with positively driven contacts
  • Custom sensors

ELESTA GmbH can look back on a long company history and a strong tradition. Founded in 1952 as ELESTA Elektrotechnik AG, it is now part of PILZ GmbH & Co. KG. ELESTA operates in accordance with lean principles. The goal is continuous improvement in all areas of the company and further development of the products for the benefit of the customers. In 2021, ELESTA was honoured with the GEO Global Excellence Award.

Elesta Member of the Pilz Group
Elesta Member of the Pilz Group


ELESTA GmbH was looking for a solution to make its key performance indicators digital. Up until then, 15 minutes per day were dedicated to recording and reporting key performance indicators before the end of each shift. Once we began producing with LEAN, it was no longer appropriate for us to spend our time this way.

They wanted to make KPIs digital with a focus on transparency, effectiveness and sustainability.

If the employee has internalised operations, then it is possible to automate the recording of key performance indicators. KIS.ME collects data on-the-go, making it possible to greatly reduce the effort required and thereby increase productivity. Human calculation errors are also prevented.
Digitization with KIS.ME at Elesta and Fanol Ibishi

Our contact person

Fanol Ibishi
Head of Relay Production & Planning at ELESTA GmbH

Digitalisierung mit KIS.ME bei Elesta am Taktgeber SIS / Handarbeitsplatz Digitalisierung mit KIS.ME bei Elesta am Taktgeber SIS / Handarbeitsplatz

Each production island ends with a manually operated testing device that subjects the produced workpieces to a 100% technical (electrical) test.

Four new KPIs were to be generated: In addition to productivity and first pass yield, the focus was also on the reason for and duration of production disruptions as well as comparison of the target/actual of the output quantity.

Employees and their representatives at the respective production islands, as well as supervisors and production managers, were to have access to the newly generated data, and it would be displayed in a transparent manner on an Andon board.



With KIS.ME, it was possible to generate and communicate these key performance indicators extremely well: The digital inputs and outputs of the KIS.BOX made it possible to create an interface to the testing device on the production island. The number of good parts and the rest of the outcome (repeat parts) were documented on one pin and the reject parts on another.

KIS.MANAGER ultimately converts these inputs into the desired key performance indicators of initial yield and target/actual output quantities. In the event of failures, the KIS.BOX is used to document the type of failure using a button and a colour code.

The predefined colours each represent a reason why production is at a standstill. Using the second button, information is sent to employees in real time so they can rectify the fault as quickly as possible. In addition to increasing the efficiency of communication during fault rectification, the KIS.MANAGER uses time recording of the color status to document and visualise the key performance indicators of productivity, reason for fault and duration of fault. This means that KIS.ME can fulfil all key performance indicator requirements.

The KIS.ME Manager provides us with information about the production targets, their degree of fulfilment and other details such as the number of employees on the line, cycle time per day, first-pass yield and any fault reasons. This provides us with a customised dashboard that we can dynamically adapt to our goals and production lines. KIS.ME made it possible for us to establish a standardised dashboard for all of production.

Installation of KIS.ME at ELESTA GmbH impressively demonstrated how overall plant effectiveness could be mapped in a transparent manner. While in the past it was necessary to record process faults by hand and laboriously evaluate them, KIS.ME now formats the required key performance indicators conscientiously and in real time. In addition, faults are now specifically investigated so that measures can be taken to reduce them. It was possible to reduce the time needed to collect and process key performance indicators by 90 per cent.



Digitization with KIS.ME at Elesta at the SIS clock generator / manual workstation


Transparency in terms of performance

Digitization with KIS.ME at Elesta at the SIS clock generator / manual workstation


Improving effectiveness & reducing costs

Digitization with KIS.ME at Elesta at the SIS clock generator / manual workstation


Reduction of process complexity



ELESTA plans to equip additional production and manufacturing lines with KIS.ME. The tried-and-proven system is integrated into the entire production process – in regard to machines as well as manual workstations. In future, actions are to be derived from information at KIS.ME so that ultimately the production history will also be stored for the future.

ELESTA and KIS.ME/RAFI grew together during the integration. The communication is always rapid, and KIS.ME is a strong partner at our side.

Another major topic will be the automation of production maintenance cycles. Depending on the number of units, KIS.ME is used to automatically send maintenance information to the supplier. Not enough preventive action is currently being taken, but this is to change in future with KIS.ME and the planned automation of maintenance.

Simply digitize and optimize with KIS.ME, wherever people work - even at remote production sites or manual workstations.